Sweeva – i like it manual surf

Sweeva – i like it manual surf
14. February 2009 – 00:31

30.000+ Members. Nice Manual Traffic Exchange.

Ranks and Levels
Although it has not been fully disclosed how many ranks and levels there are on Sweeva, I am told that the more levels one completes, the more benefits are achieved in conjunction with a member’s account, whether upgraded or not. When one runs the full gamut of levels in a rank, one is moved to the next rank and can enjoy the privilege of even bigger benefits for each level achieved. It is my understanding that Pro members DO get bigger benefits and can eventually earn as many as 10 credits per page view when in the viewing area of Sweeva. Activities on Sweeva are awarded by Experience Points. It is not necessary for one to complete every single activity listed on the Awards area but the more that one participates, the more Experience Points one accumulates resulting in a higher level achieved.

Bidding Process
The bidding process can be a little confusing, if one has not “played around” with it and this seems to cause a lot of stress for some folks. Here’s a little more on how that works. After one has entered sites and those have passed the TE Toolbox site checker test, one can then open the Bids page and begin the bidding process. To bid on a site, the member must choose it through the little drop down box at the top of the page after clicking on the button to place a bid. Once the site is opened, members see a schedule of days and hours from which to choose for the script on Sweeva to consider accepting the bid. The script will give a member the recommended bid for the time slot(s) chosen, or one can decide independently of the suggestion how much to bid. Then one must allot enough traffic credits to the site to cover the bid amount at least once. This gives the member the opportunity to allot as many credits as he or she is comfortable doing.

The script is designed to “scan” the bids once about every 15 to 20 minutes. If one has the highest bid in place at that time, or if one has older bids, the script will accept the highest first and then the older ones with higher bid amounts.

The “chat” area on the Sweeva surfbar is in place to communicate with Sweeva members whose sites are currently being viewed by all of the ones who are surfing/viewing at that time. While socializing is encouraged, the area is actually there for critiquing the site currently in place on the viewing area on the left side of the browser. It is not acceptable to advertise one’s own site unless it is the one actually being viewed and members can be suspended from using the chat feature to do this.

Constructive criticism is welcome and definitely encouraged. “Generic” comments are not helpful and should be avoided, most especially if a member wishes for his or her comments to stand out and quite possibly be “starred” by other viewing members. Those “starred” comments can also earn a member Experience Points.

Traffic Credits and Experience Points
There is a difference in these two features. Traffic Credits may be earned or purchased. Experience Points are earned or awarded for activities on Sweeva. They cannot be used or converted to traffic credits. The amount of Traffic Credits and Experience Points earned increases as one moves up in Rank on Sweeva. Of course, Pro members earn higher awards of each than do free members.

Earning Money on Sweeva
Sweeva members can earn money only by having downline members who upgrade or make purchases. Pro members receive a higher percentage than do free members. No one can earn cash by viewing/critiquing other members’ sites. Sweeva is definitely NOT a paid-to-surf site and its owners do NOT buy back traffic credits.

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