EasyHits4U – Make money with traffic exchange and surfing websites

EasyHits4U – Make money with traffic exchange and surfing websites
14. February 2009 – 00:31

It is 1:1 traffic exchange (it means that you earn 1 credits when you view other member website in easyhits4u, some traffic exchange like ilovehits, hit2hit it’s 2:1 or 3:1, you have to view 2 website to earn 1 credits. whereas in easyhits4u to earn 1 credit when you view 1 website)

It is a manual surfing (There is no auto surfing all human being have to surf to view your website, there is no robot system because there is no point if your website is viewed by a robot. You website quality improves when a human or customer likes your website and gives you feedback right that how all website in internet industry works)

20 secs or more visitor (You website will be view for 20 sec or you can increase your time by in your account whenever you like but if you give it 20 sec your 1 credit will be deducted and if you give 30 sec they will deduct you 1.5credit and you give 40 sec 2 credits will be deducted, but works oppositely as well, if you view 40 second website you earn 2 credits)

Guaranteed 24 hours unique hits ( What is unique hits – Unique hits means when one member viewed you website that member can’t view your website again in whole 24 hours. But it will work when easyhits4u have more members because the logic says that 120000 member is regsitered and 500 to 700 people surfs and all 120000 members website are rotated every day so from there your website will get 500 to 1000 hits daily and from there you would get 400- 600 unique hits0

5 levels referral program (10%-5%-3%-2%-1%) ( When you refer some one like if I refer you and you surf daily I get 10% of your surfing credits and if you refer some and he/she surfs daily I get 5% this is called downline so easyhits4u have 5 levels of downline. Receive cash for active surfing ($0.30 for 1000 sites viewed) (Here comes the money matter if you view 1000 page you will get $0.30 and which really works and this system you will only find in this traffic exchange program. My sense tells that I also earn credit to advertise my website to easyhit4u members and mean while earn some money also. I am not telling you to keep this as your income)

Geo Targeting of your ads ( It’s like if you want to promote your website to Europe, only Europe members of easyhits4u will view your website like london, italy, finland) “Top Surfer” bonus every day ( Your surf more pages daily your get surfing bonus, like if you be in the top of all surfer will earn 10% of your surfing credits)

Surfing and referral contests (When you surfing in between you get some b0nuses like money, credits or banner impression and so on)

50 free credits on sign-up (after you surf 50 sites)

If you don’t want to surf and advertise your website, you can buy credits from it and this is most cheapest advertising in online business)

You will get more benefits if you upgrade your account to Premium members

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