How and where to Earn Interest on Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are finding new relevance with the dawning of Decentralized Finance. This industry, which utilizes cryptocurrencies for loans and funding without requiring banks as middlemen to take days before funds become available, has locked in billions from cryptocurrency deals so far this year alone!

Long ago, Satoshi Nakamoto predicted that blockchain would eliminate intermediaries from financial transactions – but few could have imagined the accuracy of his prescience. Today’s crypto loans are enabling peers to borrow and earn interest on coins like never before; this new paradigm heralds significant changes for how we use money as well as our ability to do so profitably .

The crypto world is always innovating, and now there are all sorts of ways you can earn interest on your cryptocurrency. In this guide we’ll tell how to pick the best platforms for getting that extra cash in hand!

How is crypto interest taxed?

So at first, here’s the question: “Is earning interest on crypto taxable?” The answer, like it or not, would be positive.

The IRS taxes crypto in one of two ways: either as income or as a capital gain.

Crypto-interest is a form of income, and in most cases the tax office will treat it as such. This means you should report your earnings from protocols or services that yield new coins/ tokens on an annual basis with additional miscellaneous incomes–simply use whatever price per unit was at day’s end plus any interest owed according to fair market value (FMV) on reporting date .

A common misconception about cryptocurrencies and taxes is that they don’t incur any income or excise duty when traded. But if you sell your cryptocurrency for cash, this will be treated under the same regime as other types of stocks – which means it could end up costing more than what was originally paid! The problem with disposal comes in how to measure these transactions: while some might consider simply trading one coin (or token) versus another an equal exchange without much importance attached.

Choose a Platform

Interest on your savings account may be boring, but it’s essential. The same is true for cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges-you need them to store the digital money you’ve earned from working hard or investing wisely!

While many cryptocurrency users view the digital asset sphere as a place primarily for currency trading, several emerging DeFi platforms are offering alternative perspectives.

The process of earning interest on your cryptocurrency holdings is very similar to more traditional methods. If you’re familiar with how easy it is to deposit money into a savings account and then simply let it sit while it accrues interest at fixed intervals, then this concept should make sense in theory as well!

There are many ways to earn interest on your digital assets. Some of the most popular platforms for doing this include BlockFi, YouHodler and CoinLoan but there’s also Nexo which recently launched its own cryptocurrency lending service!

For your initial deposit, platforms similar to this allow you to exchange your cash for one of the following supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH) or Litecoin(LTC). You can use this innovative way to invest in cryptocurrency without even buying them!

The more traditional way to get started with investing in cryptocurrency is by opening an account at one of these platforms and linking it temporarily, if you already own some cryptocurrencies or stablecoins that are supported on their platform. They offer high interest rates for your crypto assets as well. Traditional savings accounts with interest typically max out around 2.5% APY, while on average you can earn several times that amount in cryptocurrency returns—8% APY is standard in the crypto world.

Store Your Coins in a Crypto Interest Account

If you’ve ever used a popular bank or local credit union for example then this format should be familiar to make these facilities available with in share too! Crypto Interest accounts are an easy way of storing and collecting interest on cryptocurrency assets – which is perfect because we all know how fast our coins can burn through themselves sometimes.

The idea behind a crypto interest account is to store your cryptocurrency in an insured and secure manner, while also making it possible for you to earn some extra money. You can loan out coins that are deposited into this type of wallet or payment system so others may borrow from what they already own – but only if there’s enough space available!

Crypto DeFi platforms are effectively paying you to borrow your money. That’s how interest-generating savings accounts work! As these innovative networks hand out loans and collect fees on the lent funds, they use those collected income sources for repayment in accordance with APYs stipulated by them – just as any other conventional bank would do it too (with one exception: We don’t charge any hidden charges).

When considering whether it’s worth opening a crypto interest account, also sometimes referred to as “crypto savings,” first look at the APY offered. The hot take on this islamic finance term for how much you’ll get paid—and lent against-your cash or cryptocurrency assets with these platforms in order to hold them at night satellite offices around town so nobody can mockery my hard work!

Crypto loan platforms are known to have higher interest rates for small accounts, with lower APYs as you deposit more cryptocurrency. This is because it’s financially feasible in comparison to paying out high percentages per unit time on larger wallet sizes since they will only turnover that amount every so often rather than constantly making payments from them day-in and day-out like some smaller wallets might do if handled improperly or not at all.

Hooray! Now you can get the most interest for your crypto deposits. Stablecoins are generally backed by a government cash asset, so their value should remain stable and predictable – meaning that it will be easier to find lenders who want them as well (once there’s more demand). Deposit those babies into any receive more money than ever before.

Best Crypto Interest Accounts

Crypto interest accounts can be an excellent way to store your cryptocurrency if you want the flexibility of not having a fixed amount on hand. Consider whether or not this will work for how active trade is in comparison with other methods before making any decisions!

Consider opening one today with these top picks!


The CoinLoan Interest Account is like a bank savings account that will give you interest for storing your money with them. You can earn differing rates of return depending on the currency, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH) or even BitConnect coins! The list includes many more cryptocurrencies so check it out today and start saving some pennies in minutes..

CoinLoan offers an interest-bearing account for investors with multiple assets. You can have as many investments on the line, and we won’t charge any fees or commissions – just a small amount of cryptocurrency that will be automatically withdrawn from each investment every month!

You can see all the Interest Account related transactions in a special menu. There you’ll find deposits, withdrawals and accrued interest as well! Daily accruals will show up every day at 14:00 UTC but remain pending until credited on 01/1st each month when they change their status from “Pending” to “Complete”


YouHodler is offering some of the highest APY rates available today, depending on how much and what cryptocurrency you deposit. Additionally there’s no limit so it’s easy to get out if something better comes along!

It is a unique crypto savings account that offers competitive rates for both stablecoins and fiat currencies. As with other interest-bearing accounts, Your Bank’s best offerings are found when depositing USD or GBP into your balance – but even then you’ll still be getting great returns on Ethereum!

YouHodler is a fan of the crypto wallet because it has options to deposit alternative assets like XLM, LINK and BNB.


BlockFi is a crypto wealth management platform that offers several services to its clients. One of the most notable features on Blockfi’s offering are generous high-yield savings accounts, perfect for those wishing they could invest in cryptocurrencies but still need some security against volatility or regulatory uncertainty surrounding them!

With a BlockFi Interest Account, you could earn compound interest on your savings. You can use this product to invest in cryptocurrencies as well!

BlockFi has an experienced team that can help borrowers get the most out of their loans. With major name recognition and backing from traditional sources, Blockfi is well-equipped for success in this competitive space where lenders are limited by regulation or lack thereof on one end while consumers have become wary about putting money into something new due to high incidence rates across all industries involving financial risk taking (especially crypto).


Nexo offers a high-yield crypto savings account that pays out daily. For those who want more frequent returns, they can take advantage of the 8% APY on cryptocurrencies and stablecoins offered by this company—not including its sterling reputation or impeccable insurance guarantees!

The sheer diversity of digital assets you can hold and be paid in makes it easy to satisfy the varied needs that many people have with their investments, as well offering top marks on flexibility!

Use a Crypto Interest Calculator to See How Much You Can Earn

The dynamics of the cryptocurrency market are changing rapidly. funds that were once in a fiat account may now be parking themselves with high-yield interest rates for increased earnings on their savings!